BOT Membership Committee

The purpose of the committee is to ensure the management of 蓝月亮资料大全 membership:

  • Consistent with the mission statement and priorities of 蓝月亮资料大全
  • Timely, relevant, effective, and efficient, for the purposes intended
  • Of appropriately high professional, technical and ethical standard


Mandate of Committee: To advise the Board of Trustees and report on implementation of :

  • Recruitment plans to achieve annual targets as set by the Board of Trustees
  • Categories and fee structures for membership
  • Guidelines for respecting privacy and personal information about members
  • Criteria for considering new applications for membership
  • Criteria for terminating membership
  • Reviewing and recommending to the Board applications for membership
  • Handling suggestions and complaints by member


Committee Membership:

The membership of the committee must include at least one (1) elected Trustee with an elected Trustee as Chairman of the committee. The Board may approve other persons who are not Trustees as members of the committee.


Current Members:

  • Anjo Rosser Ramos,聽Trustee and聽Chair of Committee
  • Judy Go, Member
  • Ferdinand Mara帽on, Member
  • Heidi H. del Pilar, Secretary of Committee